Cat Camp - Tiny tents for cats

Cat Camp - The teeny tiny tent for indoor cats


Cat Camp mini tent
Cat Camp mini tent Cat Camp - The teeny tiny tent for indoor cats Cat Camp - The teeny tiny tent for indoor cats Cat camp mini tent Cat Camp Tiny cat tent Cat camp tiny tent


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Cat Camp is now available to order. 

Cat Camp designs its Cat Tents with an extreme focus on quality, camping integrity and kitty coziness. Just like the mini display tents in outdoor shops. All making sure that your cat doesn't miss out on any of the features of a real tent and home comforts.

PLEASE NOTE: We are currently shipping from our warehouse in Australia. We expect to be shipping from with the USA soon. For now, this means we need to increase our shipping cost. For those looking for immediate delivery, we are currently offering $20 for international shipping. 

We are currently offering free shipping on all pre-orders.

Outlined below are the key product details of the Cat Tent.

  • Size: The Cat Tent is approximately 21.5" wide x 21.5" long x 14.0" tall. This has been designed by Cat Camp to accommodate most domesticated and even stray cats.
  • Entrance: The front of the Cat Tent has a side-zipped entrance. We also have an option for crafty cats to open a secret catch at the rear.
  • Materials: Cat Camp uses a durable and high-quality custom material consistent with modern tent materials.
  • Microfiber fleece: The inside of the tent is layered with a fluffy microfiber pad that keeps your cat comfy, and can be easily removed for cleaning.
  • Weather cover: The designers at Cat Camp know that sometimes the elements can change in an instant, so each Cat Tent comes with a durable heavy weather cover.

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